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Chiropractic-Recommended Massage


1 hour, therapeutic and deep tissue for chronic issues.

60 Minute Massage


The 60 Minute Session is great for focused work on one or two areas that need recovery from a workout or those needing an overall good massage. 

90 Minute Massage 


90 Minute sessions are perfect for clients who have chronic pain or injury and need full body work, as well as extra time and attention to one or two areas. "anxiety in a man's heart weighs it down, but a good word makes it glad" ancient proverb

Maternity Massage 


Maternity massage will soothe your nerves and address related aches and pains. This pampering massage includes foot reflexology or the ultimate in stretching for your hips, back and shoulders. 

30 Minute for Aching Sore Feet 


This 30 Minute massage is perfect for those seeking pain relief, but little time for a full body session. In 30 minutes your feet will be less achy. Includes peppermint oil, and bring your socks!